Grease Barrier Papers


Grease Barrier Papers are available in three types of paper. Greaseproof, vegetable parchment and glassine.     SHORT VIDEO REQUIRED using Kamapina paper in a chocolate shop for number 3 below, Quince paper in a bakers for number 1
Greaseproof paper has good grease barrier properties, this particular type of greaseproof paper is good for wrapping general p√Ętisserie and bakery items and also food that is not in contact with the paper for extended periods of time. A good example of this product in use is in the fast food industry where portions of fries are served in greaseproof paper bags. This product is available plain or printed.
Vegetable parchment has an excellent grease resistant barrier and is well suited for handling or wrapping greasy and oily foods like butter.         This product is available plain or printed.
Glassine also has an excellent grease barrier and is great for tray liners or chocolate box interleaves and is used throughout the confectionery industry. This product is available plain or printed.